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In episode #65 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with John Adamus.

Since 1997, John's entire career has been working with people to tell their stories. Whether in television, film, stage, or publishing, he has worked with talented creatives who have all different kinds of stories to tell. Through his website, The Writer Next Door, John offers a full suite of tools to help writers reach their creative goals, from story design and coaching to first chapter diagnostics and help with query letters. John is the executive editor at Parvus Press, a publishing company focused on science fiction and fantasy, and he also extremely active on Twitter, where you'll find him sharing writing tips and advice throughout the day.

During our conversation, John describes:

  • How he had been helping people for years before he realized "creative coaching" was the name for what he was doing
  • Why he got fired from his slush pile reader job at a New York publishing house
  • The challenge of learning how to determine your value and charge what you are worth for your services
  • The important role a mentor played in his life and his development as a writer and editor
  • And much more

Listen to the episode now!

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