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In episode #62 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with writer, editor, and media manager Sarah Foil.

Sarah describes herself as a cliché: an introverted, caffeine-addicted, wine-obsessed writer in North Carolina with a husband, crazy dog and angry cat.

(Sounds like my kind of person!)

She has an MFA and served as the editor of the literary magazine Incunabula for four years before launching into the freelance world, where she now works with aspiring and first-time novelists as an editor and media manager.

During our conversation, Sarah describes:

  • Why, as a young girl, she realized she wanted to learn how to make dad's cry (with words)
  • The big takeaways from her MFA program
  • The common mistakes writer's make when submitting to editors, and why writers need to focus on the first page of their submission
  • Her approach to social media management and the tools she uses to preschedule her posts
  • And much more

Listen to the episode now!

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