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In episode #74 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with book marketing coach Audrey Hughey.

Audrey previously appeared on the show in episode #61, where we discussed her book marketing program and community, the Author Transformation Alliance. This week, Audrey returns to the show to discuss The Ultimate Authorship Planner, an incredible new resource she has created for authors.

The Ultimate Authorship Planner is designed to be an all-in-one day planner and writing-career coach, helping authors to organize their writing life and get on a clear path to reach their goals. The planner is a place to:

  • Track daily and weekly word counts
  • Map out writing and publishing plans for an entire year
  • Manage and track monthly expenses
  • Develop an editing checklist and evaluate potential editors
  • Plan social media marketing, book promotions, and advertising
  • Sketch out ideas for author newsletter and track open and click-through rates
  • Have space and flexibility to plan your days and weeks according to your own unique lifestyle and schedule.

I own a copy of the planner (and I love it!) so I was thrilled to get an opportunity to talk to Audrey all about it.

During our discussion, Audrey describes:

  • Where the original idea of the planner came from (and how it sent her NaNoWriMo in an entirely new direction)
  • How she worked with her community of authors to create a product she knew they would find valuable
  • The role planning, tracking, and reviewing plays in achieving goals, selling books, and building an author business
  • Why she chose to publish the book using the Lulu platform in additional Amazon's CreateSpace
  • How and why she was able to create three different covers for her planner
  • And much more!

Whether you're on the lookout for a planner to help get your author business organized, or just curious about the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a product like this, you won't want to miss this episode.

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