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In episode #79 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with publicity coach and founder of the Build Your Brand Academy Chris Well.

Chris is a media veteran who has worked more than 30 years in professional media. He’s been a magazine editor, columnist, journalist, broadcaster, and college instructor, with field experience covering music, publishing, human interest, and more. Also a published novelist, Chris has written suspense and mysteries for traditional publishers and as a self-published author. He and his wife live in Tennessee.

During our discussion, Chris describes:

  • Why he feels compelled to help authors understand and navigate the media outreach process
  • What he has learned working on both sides of the fence as both a media professional and an author
  • How, after landing a traditional publishing contract, he was forced to lower his expectations regarding what a publisher has to offer when it comes to publicity and marketing
  • The major differences between old media (magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio) and new digital media platforms (online videos, podcasts, and blogs)
  • His surprising advice about "leading with the book"
  • How book marketing is similar to farming
  • And much more!

Click below to listen now:

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