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In episode 15 of The Writing Coach, I speak with professional organizer and Apple expert Deron Bos.

As the rare man who has passion for both label makers and iPads, Deron is a personal professional organizer and Apple tutor.  I am an active member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). He has also worked as a stage actor and a college English teacher, and he has a Master's degree in play-writing. As a productivity junkie, Deron believes organizing spaces and learning Apple products can be a life-changing transformation.

During the interview, Deron describes:

  • The importance of distraction free writing
  • How clutter can distract us from our goals
  • How organizing digital and physical spaces is actually very similar
  • The connection between stage acting and the entrepreneurial realm
  • Plain text tools writers can take advantage of
  • and much more!
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