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Welcome to The Writing Coach. On this podcast, I speak with the instructors, editors, coaches, and mentors that help writers and authors create their art, build their audience, and sell their work.

In episode 8 of The Writing Coach, I speak with blogging and business coach Jenna Dalton.

Jenna is a certified Elite level Book Yourself Solid Coach. She works with coaches and consultants to help them get more clients by using smart, authentic and proven blogging strategies combined with a client attraction system proven to work.

During the interview, Jenna describes:

   - how she became a Book Yourself Solid Coach after having the book sitting unread on her shelf for months
   - why she recommends attending a Creative Live recording (it's on my bucket list!)
   - how she transitioned from personal trainer and nutrition consultant to business coach
   - what she learned from coaches and mentors like Michael Port and Mari Forleo
   - how listening to her community led her to specializing in blogging coaching
   - why you don't necessarily have to be a great writer to be an effective blogger
    - and much more!

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