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In episode #93 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with graphic recorder, Kit Irwin.

Kit creates visual representations of live events in real time to make meetings more effective, presentations more memorable, and participants more engaged. Her short stories have been published online, in literary magazines, and in anthologies, such as Flash Fiction Forward. She also creates visual bios for solo entrepreneurs to tell their story on their website’s About Us page.

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During our discussion, Kit describes:

  • What the work of a graphic recorder entails
  • The role metaphor plays in the creation of her sketchnotes
  • How a Master’s degree in Critical and Creative Thinking have benefited her career
  • Why her desire to make e-learning less boring led to her work as a graphic recorder
  • Her number one tip on  making the leap into a career in creative work
  • The non-linear nature of graphic communication
  • And much more!

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