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In episode #96 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with author Rea Frey. With a degree in creative writing from Columbia and six traditionally published books under her belt, Rea has helped hundreds of clients refine, hone, and craft their own ideas into full-fledged books. Whether it’s working on a book proposal to sell to a publisher, ghostwriting a memoir, or consulting on a great idea, Rea’s fifteen years in the publishing industry will clarify the message, mission, audience, and ultimately help find a home for a client’s work. During our discussion, Rea describes: - How she balances a busy writing schedule with homeschooling her daughter - What it was like studying creative writing in an academic environment - Why her early books not being as successful as she would have liked helped set her up for success later in her career - What is was like optioning the rights to adapt her novel to Argent Pictures and then being hired to write the pilot episode of the series - How she helps authors craft incredible book proposals that land them big publishing deals - And much more! For full show notes visit

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