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In episode #86 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with Sally McGraw

Sally McGraw is a savvy and versatile ghostwriter, editor, and copywriter with more than 15 years of professional experience. She’s written for newspapers, blogs, magazines, newsletters, and websites, slowly building a resume that she hopes will impress the pants off of you. She’s written three non-fiction books under her own name, and ghostwritten a dozen more. Her articles have been featured on the Huffington Post and, her blog has been highlighted by Marie Claire and Glamour, she’s a contributing editor at Adios Barbie, and her marketing and entrepreneurial advice has appeared on the GoDaddy blog. She firmly believes she has the best job in the known universe, and loves helping her clients craft expressive artist statements, laugh-out-loud posts, in-depth articles, and heart-rending books.

During our conversation, Sally describes:

  • How she built a massively successful blog about fashion and body image
  • Why she transitioned from the fashion world into ghostwriting and editing
  • Her candid thoughts on people wearing cargo shorts to the Opera
  • Why she finds ghostwriting memoirs particularly challenging
  • The reason a client once described her as “a personal decoder ring”
  • Why she is passionate about empowering women in business
  • Her experience teaching a CreativeLive course that was viewed by over 7,000 writers
  • And much more!

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