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In episode 12 of The Writing Coach, I speak with author coach, Heather Hart.

Heather Hart is an internationally best-selling and award winning author, who works as an author coach at Heather’s desire is to help other authors successfully publish and market their books while continuing to author, contribute to, and market multiple book marketing and faith-based books herself – and to have fun doing it!

During the interview, Heather describes:

  • her early passion for writing, and why she was discouraged from pursuing a career in writing
  • how life as a stay-at-home mom re-ignited her passion
  • her initial fears related to marketing her books
  • why marketing a book is like raising a child
  • the importance of knowing your target audience when marketing your book
  • what she believes every authors first step in marketing their book should be
  • the value of experimentation
  • and much more!

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