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In ep. #48 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with Trevor Crane.

Trevor Crane is a 10-time #1 international bestselling author and the founder of Bestseller Big Business and Super Kids Books Publishing. He is the host of the podcast and the creator of Most of all, Trevor is loaded with passion. Whether he’s speaking in front of an audience or consulting business owners and executives, Trevor gives his heart and soul to help people achieve the results they desire. He transforms the “complicated” into simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps that anyone can apply.

During our conversation, Trevor describes:

  • How it took him 20 years to publish his first book before going on to publish 10 bestsellers
  • The important role belief plays in finding success
  • How writing and publishing a book should be a collaborative experience similar to building a house
  • The mistake Al Gore made in the creation of An Inconvenient Truth and why most authors make the same mistake
  • How everyone has their own area of genius
  • Why he thinks more creatives actually need to stop creating
  • And much more

Listen to the episode now!

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